Souterrains, man made underground objects, artificial cavities, mines, quarries, tunnels.
Enjoy your web-surfing underground.

What are souterrains?
Souterrains are human made subterranean structures like quarries, mines, waterwells, road- and railway tunnels, underground aquaducts, catacombes, military underground defence system, troglodyte dwellings etc.
They can be found all over the world and they form a very special study object as the area's one can encounter are varied. It ranges from biology, history, mining-engineering, archaeology, speleology, geology, and many more. Souterrains are studied by many people all over the world. Most of these researchers are local studygroups, or groups attached to speleological groups, musea, etc.

Souterrains is the Network made available by the UIS commision on artificial cavities. In 1988 the UIS (Union Internationale de Spéléologie) formed a workinggroup on artificial cavities to streamline the research. It's aim was to bring the many studygroups in contact with eachother. In 1993 the workinggroup was transformed into a commission. Todays president of the UIS commission on artificial cavities is Joep Orbons


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