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General description:
Industrial buildings of "Julia" Coal Mine from the 19th century. Numerous items of historical value. In the centre of the complex there are output shafts "Julia" and "Sobótka" and bricked hoist towers 25 metres high. The museum is gradualy being adapted and made accessible for tourists. Tours last up to 2 hours and are adapted to visitors needs. On display are a 1911 hoisting machine, coal treatment equipment, rescue equipment, transport means and an underground drift.
German, Emglish or French groups book in advance and an extra charge is requested.

Subjects of interest:
Coal mine,
Countries of interest:

Subterranean visit: Yes
Information on sale: Yes
Disabled entrance : Yes
Entrance fee : Unknown

Opening information:
Dates and times:
Tuesday to Saturday: 9:00 till 11:00
Days of the week : -TWTFS-
First opened in (Unknown)

Museum in Industry and Technology
ul. Wysockiego 28
58-300 Walbrzych
00 48 74 220 31 ext 1221


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